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The Noose

Hanging Fantasies

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The Obvious

"If I told you to jump off a cliff - would you do it?"
This pages is here to talk about the connection with the slaves collar, his leash and where the roots lie.
It is not suggesting you go hang yourself for a good cum. Likewise accidents in SM can still attract negative attention from the Police. So if you are gonna do risky things you need to have a 'what if' plan.

So why this page ?

Well  one thing that is common to all dogslaves is the need to have a collar around their neck. Part of the quintessential three (dogbowl, collar and leash).  For many subs being handled around their throat is a powerful turn on, an aspect of this then enters into Breath Control. Having a collar or noose around your neck is a strong urge for a dog (and many slaves), the collar is both his identity and a means of control. Many dogs love hearing the sound of their chain clanking as then shake their neck, hearing the chain clank against the steel dog bowl as they eat, and yet they feel the precise measure of control from their Master as he grips it with his fist and twists a little, as this moment you have Breath Control and Strangulation games. The slave may struggle and resist, but the outcome is quite predictable, but them the slave loves feeling the hands of his Master (even any Top) around his neck, a sure-fire erection maker. This is part of the rush, along with this is the dog being 'Tethered'.

It is pretty fundamental for all dogs to what/need to be controlled by their collar - it is their quintessential nature.

Posure Image - Hanging FantasiesHanging Fantasies ^

This picture high lights some of the powerful factors. You can see a number of phases:

  • Fear, Trepidation, anticipation and expectation. The cock is aroused but not pumping hard.
  • Full on hardon as there is no going back now.
  • The full on experience.

The key features are of course powerful Tops/Masters and helpless victims. The powerful Tops in this case are of the pure Aryan God race.
In SM play this takes the form of mock hangings, risky games etc that are part of Edge Play.

Some games of risk

neck workHanging
There are lots of guys that get off on hanging and being HUNG. An element of this is demonstrated in the neckTie story.



Games of Risk ^


For many people getting close to this is what they need, it is often part of EdgePlay so some care is needed, as mistakes can be costly! For many it quite a powerful turn on, you will notice in this picture that the body is not suspended by the neck, the weight is taken by the harness. Lots of theatre work is done to set the stage. The Master wants to make it a 'real' as possible for the slave (and enough to get his rocks off) but be able to do it another time.

There are lots of games that you can add to this, like if a slave has a rope/collar around his neck, his hands cuffed behind him, and he is standing on a car tyre as the air is slowly let out, he stands on his toes for a while, but only for so long.

If the slave looses balance, then you have a problem, can you get to him in time so that there is no damage done - which includes him never trusting you again.

The Waiting Anticipation ^

This is one of the hornist picture I have see ever on the subject. You can clearly see the boys clothes carefully laid out on the rocks below. He is now tied secure, arms bound hard behind him, the noose around his neck and his raging hard on sticking out his speedos. He is there standing on the plank high above the gorge and the hot sun beats down on the rack of ice that holds the gangplank in place. The slave waits there as the ice slowly melts. He can feel the change in mass as the ice shifts and moves as it melts - maybe its this time!

He is unable to see that the man that did this to him is watching from afar, enjoying the whole performance from the slave.

Will the boy be rescued in time?

All that you can see is the boys hard on as he waits.


wpe14.jpg (19920 bytes)

The inevitable ^

This shows the result, the bound boys hanging in space, again all with hardons.  These examples shows the outcome of the wait the experience.

This can also be experienced if your Master locks you in some stocks and leaves you for an hour or so before coming  back and giving you a whipping.

There is the build up from the 'Fight or Flight' chemicals that are released from the the brain  - these are the bodies natural opiates.

rope play

Overwhelming Force  ^

So these drawings look extreme but they show some elemental forces at work. Here you can see the total life and death dominance of the Master over his subject.

It is a place where the slave wants to be - to be under that level of control, that certainty.





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